Basic Obedience

Walk Doctor

Walk Doctor

This Lesson is perfect for recently adopted dogs, struggling dog owners who need help NOW, travelers who can’t do a full training program but want to train with us, and owners that just have a couple of things they want to work on with their companion.

This is a great “Starter Lesson” before moving on to one of our Off-Leash Programs but isn’t required.

In this one time, two hour Training Lesson, you will meet one-on-one with your dog and one of our Professional Trainers at our training facility.

There are so many things we can cover in this Lesson, but here’s a good run down…
Basics like Loose Leash Walking, Heel, Sit, Down, and Place.
Crate training, Potty Training, Car/House Manners, Grooming, and Vet Visits.
Introducing a new dog to your home.
Adding structure to your dog’s world.
How to praise good behavior and communicate properly with your dog.
Safety and management for dogs/kids.
How to stop unwanted behavior like jumping up, barking, puppy nipping, whining, digging, destructive behaviors, ect.
Equipment choices and what will work best for your dog and situation.

This Lesson isn’t for advanced obedience or off-leash reliability. It's a great Lesson that will give you a head start and immediately give you results to make your life easier. Clients have been able to leave after this Lesson with their dog heeling by their side, paying attention to them for the first time ever, listening to basic commands, and with the confidence to go home and work on everything covered in the Lesson.
Leash walking and basics shouldn’t take you months to master, this ONE Lesson is all it takes to have a better behaved dog on a leash!
This one Lesson is more productive than a 6 week Box Store Basic Obedience Class. You will learn what YOU need to be successful with your dog and your situation.
No fluff, no other classmates taking up your time with pointless questions, just you getting the help you need from a Professional Trainer.

We will show you how to effectively communicate without repeating yourself, yelling, or man handling your dog.
With the right tools and approach, you can massively improve your walk, and increase your bond with your companion!

This two hour Basic Obedience Lesson is:
$250 (Includes a Prong Collar)