Video or Phone Training Session

Our Professional Trainers welcome and train with clients from all over the Country. If training with us in person isn’t an option for you right now but you need help NOW, a Virtual Training Session is the next best thing!

We can go over any and all dog training questions or issues you may be having, your goals for training, and how to make those goals a reality.

We will teach you how to have high expectations for your dog, add structure, boundaries, and proper management to your dog’s life.
You will know how to praise good behavior and stop unwanted behavior.

The Obedience Skills we can discuss how to train:
Heel next to your side on a loose leash. Auto-Sit every time you stop walking. Sit on command. Down on command. Stay until released from a command. Place on your bed or boundary until released. Come when called. Let’s Go which means stay close while off-leash. No, which means whatever you are doing, stop doing it. Good, which means I like what you are doing, keep it up! Off, get off me or get off the furniture. Drop It, whatever is in our mouth, drop it and give up physical and mental custody of it. Leave It, that's none of your business. Wait at doorways and boundaries. Load Up, into a vehicle. Crate, go to your crate.

The Behavior we can discuss how to stop during this Virtual Session is endless but here is a good list:
Barking, Whining, Not Listening, Marking, Humping, Running Away, Chasing Animals, Door Dashing, Pushy/Demanding, Reactivity Towards Other Dogs, Reactivity Towards People, Digging, Counter Surfing, Pulling On Leash, Selective Listening, Car Issues, Separation Anxiety, Potty Training Issues, Chewing, Destructive Tendencies, Jumping On People, Fence Jumping, Door Dashing, Puppy Nonsense, Stealing.

We will also go over other topics you have interest in such as:
Nutrition, Grooming, Vet Visits, Muzzle Conditioning, Service Dog Training, Therapy Dog Training, ect.

Our Phone/Video Consult can help you get DRAMATIC results and build a lasting relationship with your dog.

You can email us videos, pictures, and info about your dog’s behavior before our Virtual Session so we can see just what issues you’re having with your dog.

$45/Half Hour