Structured Daycare

Our Structured Daycare is open to our current and past training clients only.

If you are looking for regular daycare or you aren’t a current or past client of Freedom K9, Click Here and it will direct you to the Siskiyou Pet Care Website.

Siskiyou Pet Care is the best dog boarding & daycare facility in Siskiyou County!

Freedom K9’s Daycare is a safe and structured place to bring your dog for the day. Social time is very structured and every dog is advocated for. Whatever your dog likes to do, you bet we do it. Swimming, fetch, tug of war, socialization, and more.

All dogs will receive lots of TLC and be let out at least 4 times a day. Big and small dogs are separated as well as different play styles. Does your dog like to only be with humans? No problem, our daycare dogs will also have their own space and free time.

Your dog will come home happy, relaxed, and tired.

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