STAR Puppy Board & Train Program

With this Training Program, your puppy will live with one of our Professional Dog Trainers for two weeks.

Your puppy will go everywhere with us. To dog friendly stores, the park, to our kid’s soccer games, and even Starbucks!

We will get your puppy on a good potty training and crate training schedule. Build up their proper social skills with people and other dogs, confidence building, focus, manners, and basic obedience.

You will get consistent updates during your pup’s stay, videos so you can learn what your pup is doing, and of course lots of pictures.

After your pup's training, we will have a 2 hour pick up session to show you how to continue all of your pup's new skills, answer any questions you have, go over nutrition, grooming, how to communicate effectively, and make sure you feel confident taking your pup home!

Training doesn’t stop there. You will also have a follow up session once a month until your puppy is 6 months old. That can be over the phone or in person to make sure that you stay on the right track. Of course, you will have us to call, text, or email as much as needed as well.

The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life are the most important. They need to be shown and exposed to as many new things and have as many good experiences as possible. Puppies that are sheltered in the home for the first few months lack the necessary social skills and self confidence needed to navigate life. They are prone to reactivity, fear, low confidence, and anxiety.
With this program, your puppy will become a confident, happy, balanced member of the family you can take anywhere and everywhere with confidence.

Everyone wants what's best for their dog... You can’t get better than this program. Investing in great training and a solid foundation for your dog will save you money, heartbreak, and time.

You want to start puppy training BEFORE an issue comes up... but if you’re struggling with your puppies behavior. We can help!

This option will let you hit the ground running with your new puppy. Having a great foundation with your new puppy means less stress and nonsense all together.

The Investment for the STAR Puppy Board & Train is $2,500
This Program includes:
*A 2 week Board & Train with one of our Professional Trainers
*2 Hour Go Home Session
*A Follow Up Session once a month until the puppy is 6 months old (In Person or over the phone)
*Your puppy will receive their AKC STAR Puppy Certificate.
*$100 off our Liberty Adult Off-Leash Program or $375 off our Freedom Adult Off-Leash Program.

**Open to pups up to 5 months old

Topics Covered in this Program:
Stages of development
Proper socialization
Name recognition
Confidence Building
How to instill good behavior
Exercise for puppies
Responsible puppy ownership
How to handle more than one dog in the household (If applicable)
House & Crate Training
Setting up a good sleep, potty, play, and training schedule
Grooming needs
Nutrition needs
First Aid Essentials
Puppy Obedience
Proper praise and proper corrections
Vet recommendations
A list of all needed puppy items to make your life easier
Cheat sheets, videos, and training plans to help you every step of the way
& Unlimited text & email assistance