STAR Puppy Board & Train Program

With this Training Program, your puppy will join us for a two week Puppy Board and Train!

We will start your puppy off on the right foot with potty training, crate training, social skills with people and other dogs, confidence building, focus, manners, and basic obedience.

This option will let you hit the ground running with your new puppy. Having a great foundation with your new puppy means less stress and nonsense all together.

After your pup's training, we will have a 2 hour pick up session to show you how to continue all of your pup's new skills, answer any questions you have, go over nutrition, grooming, how to communicate effectively, and make sure you feel confident taking your pup home!

The Investment for the STAR Puppy Board & Train is $2,500.
This Program includes:
*A 2 week Board & Train
*2 Hour Go Home Session
*A Follow Up Session once a month until the puppy is 6 months old (In Person or over the phone)
*Your puppy will receive their AKC STAR Puppy Certificate. Click HERE to learn more about this Certificate.

**Open to pups up to 5 months old