Liberty Off-Leash Day Training Program

This Program is geared towards:
Owners that want an off-leash reliable dog and want to be there step by step in the training process.

The Liberty Day Training Program relies heavily on your participation and dedication to working with your dog outside of the training days with us.

What does the Liberty Day Training Program look like?
Your dog will join us for a full day of training ONE DAY A WEEK for three weeks.
We will spend the day getting to know your dog.
Building up a good foundation for their obedience skills and manners.
Exposing them to new people and a new environment away from you and home.
After their big day, you will come back for a one hour Private Session that afternoon.
This Private Session will go over what your dog learned that day.
How they did with their new skills, the new environment, new people, and other dogs.
How to use your Voice Commands, Hand Signals, and Equipment to effectively communicate with your dog.
You will receive Training videos and Cheat Sheets to help you learn at the same time your dog does.
Our Trainers will show you step by step with your dog what to do and how to do it.
You will also work one on one with you, your dog, and one of our Professional Trainers so you feel confident going home to practice and continue to advance your dog’s new skills!
In between the Day Training Sessions, it’s your job to practice and train with your dog at home to advance their skills and yours.

What will your dog learn during their 3 Days of Training with us?
Day One: Your dog will learn their 6 foot leash skills. Heel by your side without pulling. Auto-Sit every time you stop walking. Sit on command. Down on command. Stay until released from a command. Place on their bed or boundary until released.
Day Two: Your dog will learn to Come When Called. Let’s Go, which means stay close while off-leash. Plus, all of the skills they learned from week one will be paired with their new Ecollar. All on a 15 foot leash.
Day Three: Your dog will know all of their obedience skills by Day Three. This is a tune up day. We are fine tuning anything we see that needs help, advancing your dog’s skills, and seeing if you are having any difficulties at home. Your dog will either be on a dropped long line or completely off-leash on Day Three. Owners that commit to the training process have their dog completely off-leash.

We will teach you how to have high expectations for your dog, add structure, boundaries, and proper management to your dog’s life.
You will know how to praise good behavior and correct any unwanted behavior.
The behavior we can correct during this program is endless but here is a good list:
Barking, Whining, Not Listening, Marking, Humping, Running Away, Chasing Animals, Door Dashing, Pushy/Demanding, Reactivity Towards Other Dogs, Reactivity Towards People, Digging, Counter Surfing, Pulling On Leash, Selective Listening, Car Issues, Separation Anxiety, Potty Training Issues, Chewing, Destructive Tendencies, Jumping On People, Fence Jumping, Door Dashing, Puppy Nonsense, Stealing.

We will also go over other topics you have interest in such as:
Nutrition, Grooming, Vet Visits, Muzzle Conditioning, Agility Training, Service Dog Training, Therapy Dog Training, K9 Nose Work, ect.

What are your responsibilities before, during, and after the Liberty Day Training Program to build and maintain your dog’s training?
Before Training, be transparent with us on what your dog struggles with, what your specific goals for training are and what history your dog has (aggression/reactivity/anxiety/biting/ past training/ negative experiences/ect.)
During Training, It’s your responsibility to complete the homework (simple videos and cheat sheets to help you learn the commands, hand signals, and equipment).
Following through at home throughout this program is mandatory to achieve the off-leash reliable dog you can trust.
You can’t drop your dog off for training one day per week and expect amazing results. You must work with your dog daily to continue the starter foundation we did during their Day Training.
Training your dog is like raising kids. Every day and every minute is an opportunity to guide and teach them. We don’t believe in 10 minutes per day working with your dog. Everytime you are around your dog you are teaching them how to live in your life and what you expect from them.
This program is a commitment to the process and to your dog. The results will be worth it!
If you don’t feel like you have the time to work with your dog, that’s ok! We have our Freedom Board and Train Program that will give your dog the training foundation and teach you how to maintain the training at home. Either Program you choose, your dog will do great! It’s just up to you on how we get there.
After Training, you will need to reinforce your dog’s commands and new manners at home. If you give your dog a command, it is up to you to make sure they follow through. Your dog remembers what they used to get away with and how they acted before training. Just because they have a training foundation and “know better” doesn’t mean they will always follow through in every situation. Your dog will still be a dog, not a robot.
Much like a child, they have their own personality, wants, and needs. It's up to you to make sure they live up to your high expectations whether they feel like listening or not.
You will have questions and new things will come up. We understand that. That’s why you have us for life to reach out to. Text us, we can talk over the phone, get together in person, whatever you need to be and stay successful.

This Program isn’t appropriate for Human Aggressive, Dog Aggressive, Or Extremely Fearful Dogs. If you believe this might apply to your dog, please give us a call so we can discuss your situation and recommend the best Program for your needs.

The Investment for the Liberty Day Training Program is: $950
This Program Includes:
*A Training Collar & Ecollar a $300 value
*Three Days Of Training for your dog
*Three 1 Hour Private Sessions for you
*Homework Videos and Cheat Sheets to help you learn
*Lifetime text/email support
*Structured Boarding access that includes Tune-Up Training
*Access to our Pack Walks & Classes
*Most importantly, an off-leash reliable dog that listens to you!