Good Puppy Private Session Program

This Training Program is designed to teach you how to work with your puppy, lessen stress, and give your new puppy a good foundation!

Topics Covered:
Basic Obedience Commands- Puppy expectations with commands such as Heel, Sit, Down, Place (go to your bed), Wait, Name Recognition, Crate, Load Up, Off, Leave it, Drop It, ect.
Specific Breed Needs- What breed is your puppy? Why does breed matter in training? Our Good Puppy Program molds to your situation, breed, and needs.
Potty Training- Getting your puppy on a good potty schedule, stopping accidents in the house. Going to a set place in your yard to potty.
Crate Training- Help you pick the right size crate, where to put the crate, and what to have in it. Getting your puppy on a good sleep, play, and training schedule. Get your puppy to sleep through the night.
Proper Social Skills- With other dogs, strangers, family members, and other animals. This also includes self-control, existence, going over proper introductions and what “over socialization” is.
Confidence Building- In new places and situations, around “scary new things,” and how to build a confident, balanced, and happy member of the family.
Good Communication- How to properly praise and correct your puppy. Good communication is key! In our Training Programs, we don’t raise our voice, darken our tone, repeat ourselves, or man-handle.
Good Manners- All four on the floor, taking treats nicely, having good focus, ect.
Stop "Puppy Nonsense" like play-biting, jumping up, whining, barking, counter surfing, pulling on the leash, destructive tendencies, digging, running away, stealing, humping, ect.
Nutrition- We will talk about good quality dog food and treats, supplements, what's needed/what's not, and great items to have on hand.
Grooming- We will go over nail trimming, brushing, body handling, bath time, and the proper equipment to be successful.
Vet Schedule & Questions- When to go to the vet, Vaccine schedules, and being safe with your puppy before they are fully vaccinated. When will your puppy go through growth spurts, teething, and what to look for as your puppy grows based on their breed. Heat cycles, how hormones affect your dog and training, and what expectations you should have with a male and female puppy.

The Investment for the Good Puppy Program is $375
This Program includes;
*3 one hour Private Sessions with you, your puppy, and one of our Professional Trainers.
*Training Cheat Sheets
*A puppy training collar
*The ability to reach out to us anytime during your Good Puppy Program with questions.
*Discounts on our Adult Off-Leash Programs

**Open to pups up to 5 months old. If your dog is over 6 months old, they are eligible for one of our Adult Training Programs