Freedom Board & Train

This Program is geared for business owners, busy individuals, and those that have sky high expectations for their canine companion!

Why Board and Train?

Our Board and Train is one of a kind!
Your dog will become part of our pack.

Our real world training approach means your dog will be exposed to all kinds of distractions and situations while learning good manners and obedience skills.
With the Freedom Board and Train, your dog spends THREE full weeks with us. All day everyday your dog is learning how to become your well-mannered companion.
Inside the house, your dog will have great manners and reliable obedience skills. That means NO more begging, rushing the door, tripping you in the kitchen, counter surfing, excessive barking, or jumping on you or your guests. You will have a happy dog with self-control!
Out for walks, your dog will walk on a loose leash by your side and be focused on you. NO more pulling, lunging, barking, reactivity, tripping you, or any other nonsense. Walking your dog will be enjoyable and fun for both of you.
Off-Leash, your dog will come when called no matter what and stay close.
Out and about, our Board and Train Dogs go on outings to dog friendly places like Local Parks, Pet Stores, and Coffee Shops to work around as many distractions as possible. This means you can go anywhere and everywhere with your dog without worry.
Over-all, your dog is going to be a social, good member of society. They will be more confident, have self-control, and be ready for anything, all while still having their awesome spirit you love. A well behaved dog is a happy dog.. And owner!

The obedience commands your dog will know are:
Heel calmly on or off-leash, auto-sit every time you stop walking, sit on command, down on command, stay in place, come when called, stay close off-leash, and wait at doorways. Your dog will have impulse control. They will be Crate Trained and have good Car Manners.

The Investment for the Freedom Off-Leash Board and Training is $2,950
This Program Includes:
*A Training Collar & Ecollar Technologies Mini Educator a $300 value.
*Three Weeks of Board and Train at Freedom K9.
*Picture and text updates during training.
*A two hour Pick Up Session at the end of training to teach YOU.
*A Follow Up Session 2 weeks after your Pick Up Session. This session can be held in person or on the phone.
*Lifetime support
​*Daycare/Boarding access
*Access to our Pack Walks and Continued Education Classes