Emotional Support Dog Training

An emotional support dog or ESD is a companion animal that assists in the emotional support of their disabled owner.
They are prescribed by a licensed therapist to provide a health benefit for those that suffer from an emotional or mental disability.
An ESD doesn't require special task or obedience training and doesn't have any public access rights.
An ESD has access to almost all types of housing regardless of no-pet policies. ESD’s are protected under the Fair Housing Act so that they can live with their owner.
They are allowed to fly with their owner in the cabin of any airplane. They are protected under the Air Carrier Access Act for in cabin travel.
Under both of these laws, an ESD’s handler cannot be charged an additional fee for housing or airline access.
Even though an ESD isn't required by law to have obedience training, it is very important. Can you imagine an untrained dog with a couple hundred people stuck on a plane for hours?
Just because ESD's have access to housing, doesn't mean you wouldn't have to pay for the damages to carpet, landscaping, and anything else the dog damages because of destructive behavior.
If your ESD has behavior problems, bad manners, anxiety, fear, or aggression, how can they truly help you?