Freedom K9 only accepts dogs for Boarding or Daycare that have completed one of our Off-Leash Programs.
That means that all of the dogs in our care know us, trust us, and have been trained by us.

If you are looking for regular boarding or you aren’t a current or past client of Freedom K9, Click Here and it will direct you to the Siskiyou Pet Care Website.
Siskiyou Pet Care is the best dog boarding facility in Siskiyou County!

Freedom K9’s Boarding:
The safety of the dogs in our care and our staff is our number one priority.
Your dog's manners and obedience from their training program will be continued during their stay.
Boarding at Freedom K9 is very structured.
Dogs are expected to be polite and quiet in their kennels, wait for their meals, and socialize properly with the other residents (If applicable).
Boarding with us includes tune-up training. We will work on anything you’d like us to. This includes on-leash obedience, off-leash skills, manners, proper social skills, proper respect for farm animals, car manners, or anything else you’d like us to work on.
With our Boarding, you will come home to a well-behaved, happy dog.

Other Boarding Details:
Dogs that are best away from other dogs have a separate area to enjoy, and large and small dogs are always separated.
A professional is on the premises during the day and at night.
Every dog in our care is carefully monitored for feeding, elimination and behavior changes.
We supply a crate, raised cot, and food and water bowls.
You will supply your dog’s food.
Special diets and medications will be administered as needed.
All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations.

With the structure and added training, Freedom K9’s Boarding is very popular so spots are limited and fill up quickly. Always plan ahead and book boarding as far in advance as possible.

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