Behavior Modification Board and Train

Dog aggression, human aggression, severe reactivity, high prey drive to pets or livestock, a bite record on humans or other dogs, or severe anxiety. If you are dealing with any of these issues, our Behavior Modification Program is for you.
Think of this program as "Rehab" for dogs.
All Behavior Modification Programs start with a Board and Train.
An Evaluation will be needed to determine the length of the Board and Train. This is based on the severity of your dog's issues, and overall goals for training.
The MINIMUM Board and Train length for our Behavior Modification Program is 3 weeks. We are going to be changing your dogs state of mind and overall behavior. This takes time.

The Investment For The Three Week Behavior Modification Program is $3,450
*Each additional week needed is $875
This Program Includes;
*A Training Collar & Ecollar a $300 value.
*Three Weeks of Training.
*Picture and text updates during training.
*A two hour Pick Up Session at the end of training.
*A Follow Up Session 2 weeks after go home. (Can be held in person or on the phone.)
*Lifetime text/email support
​*Daycare/Boarding access